School Principal Message

Principal KV Ballygunge

“Education is a shared commitment among motivated students dedicated teachers and enthusiastic parents with high expectations”

Dear Students, Staff and Parents,
Warm welcome to the academic session 2022-23, which has begun with post pandemic challenges.
Our actions are born from our thoughts, our thoughts are the product of our values, and values come from our own belief system. If we believe life is miserable, we attract misery; if we believe life is beautiful, we attract happiness. We get what we focus on; so, focus that good things would happen to our children who are blessed with
boundless energy that needs space to flow.
Let’s be mindful, being creative in doing things away from the screen. Creativity is all about questioning: How can I? Why should it? What would happen if? How can I make this, or how can I change this? It’s about making sure that children are always being asked to question.
We often say today’s children are tomorrow’s future. Hence it is our responsibility to give them the most for a better and healthier tomorrow which can be achieved by connecting with our children.
“A Child is like a bud “who require lot of care and nourishment to bloom into a beautiful & healthy flower in future. Likewise, the child doesn’t only need a good education but a fulfilment of many elements that are not only associated with academics but also the child’s holistic development.
Let all stakeholders make collective and collaborative efforts to connect with our children in the journey of formal education to create a healthy and successful future.
Success does not mean absence of problems; it means overcoming problems.
Wish you all Happy and Successful Session 2022-23.

Dr.(Mrs). Suman Lata