School Principal Message

Education coerce us to delve deep into the ocean of information, raw and unprocessed, to glean it to a heap of knowledge, still susceptible to subjective interpretation of conflicting interests, and to get it rechristened into the realm of wisdom in a given cultural settings. In the silhouette of present global cultural dilemma wherein our running generation are groping, education has to play its role to rearm them with an ability to choose the right in a given time and space.

The uncompromising and unbridled individualism will land us nowhere except throwing us into the arms of corruption, violence and intolerance with “I am always right” attitude. The real education has the potential to let one introspect what the best one can get from and contribute to the society. The realisation of the self amidst the reliance and trust on the other self is the key to embrace peace and prosperity in the world we live in.

Let us use this forum to ask ourselves: Work if you want to get,work hard if you want to get great,work very hard if you want to get extraordinary, but work extraordinary and dispassionately that will fetch you nothing ,you can only see the world rejoicing the revisit of spirit,though uncalled for ,still reason to their belief that “world is still beautiful.”