School Principal Message

Principal KV Ballygunge

“Education is a shared commitment among motivated students dedicated teachers and enthusiastic parents with high expectations”
Dear Students, Staff and Parents,

Warm welcome to the new academic session 2020-21, which has begun with huge challenge in the form of pandemic “COVID-19”, this unprecedented crisis due to the pandemic has disrupted most of our work and daily activities. It is assumed to be a really uncertain period for all the stakeholders.
Teachers have expressed concern about their students’ well-being, saying they’re struggling to keep up morale. Our actions are born from our thoughts, our thoughts are the product of our values, and values come from our own belief system, if we believe life is miserable, we attract misery; if we believe life is beautiful, we attract happiness. We get what we focus on; so, focus that good things would happen to our children. This is one of the strong variables, which would impact our children.
Let me share the CORONA acronym. C (Care for each other) O (Opportunity to know your strength) R (Rest and relax) O (organize your thought and life) N (Navigate your way to achieve target) A (Accomplish success)
Our KV has looked to pioneers in e-learning where teachers have already found their ways to interact with their students. We use a mixture of software to communicate between staff and with the students, including free conference call life size, Google Hangout, Face-Time, Microsoft Teams, an e-learning app and Cisco WebEx. No doubt this time has provided us with a strange glimpse into the possible future of learning and we have accepted the challenge.
CBSE has launched e-content in most of subjects on the Diksha platform of HRD Ministry. There are many such platforms like Google Classroom, Khan Academy, Byju’s using which schools and children have started their studies. Both children and teachers can share / send projects, assignments, activities and e- content to children through online medium so that children can utilize them in maximum. The HRD Ministry has also provided digital learning material and opportunities through the Swayam Portal and Swayam Prabha Channel. Online learning site for online labs & Alchemy can also be used by the senior students to undertake virtual experiments -interactive simulations in science subjects.
Children have boundless energy that needs space to flow. They’re cooped up indoors all day, and don’t get the chance to socialize. Some of my colleagues & parents have expressed concerns about their students’ wellbeing, saying they’re slumped in front of their iPads, struggle a little to keep up morale.
The role of parents has been crucial to this e-learning experiment working, and again we are very fortunate in this regard. With their normal weekday routines gone, many of our children will be finding it hard to suddenly have mum and dad as teachers – and many parents will be trying to control the urge not to scream at them. It’s quite tough teaching your own kids because they won’t listen to you, and you have no tolerance or patience. so, rest-assured, we’re with you!
Let’s be mindful being creative and doing things away from the screen. Creativity is all about questioning: How can I? Why should it? What would happen if? How can I make this, or how can I change this? It’s about making sure that children are always being asked those questions.
The beauty is that the parents are in control of the time, for once. So, you can give your little ones two hours to get on with a wonderful creative task, and they wouldn’t have that in school. Do not chuck anything away. Keep a bag with all the egg boxes and toilet rolls in a corner, because that’s going to be a mine of incredible craft-making materials. What kind of musical instruments can you make today from what’s in the bags over there? Set challenges with rewards! Think about the space in your house. What

can you change, what room could be theirs? What space is not utilized? What can you get rid of to make them a work area or for their equipment? That’s a very easy thing to fix.
Creativity is not just about arts and crafts, it’s also about the kitchen. What kind of lunch can they make for you while you’re working? Art can be so powerful because it makes you escape for a little bit, it puts you in that mindfulness zone, and time passes so quickly. As parents, if we are doing this ourselves, then we are showing good habits to our children. so take time out of your busy, strange lives at the moment, by doing something like cooking, crochet or colouring in with your children. That’s a fantastic thing to be doing together, and it will go such a long way.
The most important thing we can do is teaching them life skills, now is a really good time to teach children things you want to be done. Not all lessons need to be academic – they can be life lessons we want our children to learn as well. Even how they should fold their clothes, mop up or vacuum. Take an hour out and show them how you want them to do it. Usually, life is very fast, and we have no time for this type of teaching. But they are invaluable skills.
In the evening, carve out family time for two hours when everyone’s devices go away, and we have a very fiery game of UNO, Ludo or watch something appropriate on Netflix. Every household with children can now guarantee there’s going to be family time. Let them chat to friends. It’s really important for the children to communicate with their friends. Not every day, but during the week, there should be some way they’re connected with somebody else that’s not you, and not another adult.
This is where Alexa and all those gizmos are brilliant. Put a timer on for 15 minutes and then say, ‘You are doing those questions in 15 minutes. Help them with time management. And let’s get them reading books, drawing on toilet rolls, cooking, in the garden building things (if possible) – because they can’t be the generation that’s in front of screens learning, otherwise it will have a huge effect on them.
Lots of parents have contacted us to say they’re worried about children sitting in front of the computer/smart phones for five hours a day. As a parent, so to put parameters in place and try to manage how often they use their online learning resources the revised time table with 3 hours for senior students and 2 hours for the little ones
We need to jointly plan and give them that sense of responsibility. It’s quite powerful for them to take control of what they’d like to do. And if that’s being in their room drawing, then give them that time, make them exhausted from doing that, because they will get bored very soon. And when they want to do other things, that’s where, as a parent, you’ve already got all these resources and ideas ready to go.
Don’t worry about the academic loss. I can sense the anxiety parents might have about children falling behind, but just make sure they do a little bit, often, so that they are still engaged in the daily routine of learning. If we create children that love learning, they will automatically be researching and trying to find new things to occupy their time with and to be inspired by.
Dedicated email for counselling service for parents and children is to provide counselling service to the students and the parents. Please feel free to share your problems & updates about your ward’s mental and physical health
We’ve got to be quite careful to keep them inspired and interested – and prepare them for returning to school. Stay in touch as much as possible and continue to communicate. We can't stand together physically. But our thoughts can be united. So, let's fight together digitally hand in hand, against this pandemic. This is a new territory for all of us, let’s work hard “getting through this challenge together
” Stay indoors and stay safe”.